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In this world that is run by technology, there is a high reliance on the fact that everything could be done through it. However, people fail to realize that it is actually a human creation and therefore has limitations.

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Data is what you input every time you avail technology. It is incredibly easy to lose all your data, whether it be by accident, system error or due to a virus.

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Most devices today come with regular reminders to backup your data but more often than not, users tend to postpone the process. Here’s why you shouldn’t be doing that.

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Part of the reason for you don’t backup your data is because they do not understand what it is. Backup is a process that archives computer data, allowing it to be restored in case the original data gets lost. It also has a secondary purpose of recovering data from a previous date.

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Although incredibly useful in case of an emergency, backups are not a solution to all issues, as the backup doesn’t contain data about computer systems and complex configuration. It requires a significant amount of storage, and the type of device you choose to store it on can affect the backup process.


Whether it be your personal data or business data, three things are guaranteed; computers can crash, human error is more rampant than it seems and bad things happen when you least expect them. It’s always best to be prepared for the worst by having data backups regularly. For businesses, having an offsite server or separate drivers can help store large amounts of information.

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To sum it up, before you engage on social media marketing, you just need to know and balance the benefits and possible risks that you might encounter. Using your social media accounts may fasten the popularity of your brand, but it has its corresponding risks that you might encounter and how you can address them immediately.



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