IT News – Instagram is rounding up fake followers and likes

The latest trending IT News that is making the round on the internet is that instagram has taken up the challenge and is now rounding the accounts which has fake likes, comments and followers. Instagram users are in frenzy as many third party apps would be deleted and various accounts likes, comments will be deleted. This started as Facebook the parent which now owns the Instagram started facing problems when IT News regarding New York Times enquiry claimed that Facebook ignored the forewarnings concerning the Russian Influence campaign which was being carried out on their platform and then they used a consulting organisation to disgrace criticizers of the social media.

After this incident Facebook has started taking efforts to stop information misinterpretation and manipulation. Also Twitter has started the campaign on the same where they are also taking measures to catch the accounts with fake likes and comments.

Why people take Third-party services?

This has now become a very common practice to take helps from third-party organisations to boost the accounts popularity. Some of these services are bot controlled which artificially increases the number of followers, likes and comments on the account but some of the third parties do not use such underhanded techniques to achieve this. They market your account using various connections they have.

Since launch, Instagram is used as a platform where multiple influencers have large followings and these influencers are paid to market certain products. More the followers account will have, payment to the influencer will be based on the same. Now there are some genuine influencers out there on the internet who would market things to their followers, but it is very easy to become a fake influencer using these services and market their product through the account.

How is Instagram going to achieve this?

The organisation has stated that they have developed self-improving tools or programs which will help them in recognising the accounts that are using third–party services or apps to increase or gain popularity artificially. The steps that they will incorporate are:

  • If your account is linked with any such app or services, Instagram would ask you to change your password as many of these apps and firms would ask you to share your password and would be accessing your account information, which is violating the rules of Instagram and the security of the personnel as well.
  • All the fake likes, comments and followers will be deleted and the account holder will be informed of the same.
  • Even after this if some accounts are seen using the services to increase their popularity they will have their Instagram experience impacted, as though what actions the Instagram management team will take is still not disclosed in any IT news.

In IT News you can see that Instagram stated they are taking such measures so that the platform remains a vibrant community where audience and users can connect to each other in authentic way.

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