Why you should backup your data

Types of backup storage

There are over ten types of data backup, but there are three basic ones that everyone should know of.

  • Full backups

This is a full copy of all your data and can provide the best protection. It’s not feasible to do a full backup every day as it’s time and space consuming, and should instead be done periodically.

  • Incremental backups

These backups are less time to consume, backing up only changed data. This, although useful, has its challenges while restoring the data. You will be required to first restore the full backup, then restore the most recent incremental.

  • Differential backups

Similar to incremental, it backs up only changed data, it differs in the fact that an incremental data consists of only the most recently changed data, a differential backup would contain all the changed data since the last full backup. This reduces restore times and requires lesser storage.

Final Thoughts

There’s no one way about the process. Hire a professional to backup your data, especially if you’re a business, and make sure to diligently follow the process. The world that is run by technology demands smartness from the user instead of a laidback attitude and for you to keep all the efforts that you have made, intact, you must take this process with seriousness and more importantly, smartly.

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